Stop planning and start writing!

In the following article, we will talk about how difficult it is sometimes to plan so much the writing of your story, you should always carry with you something to write down, either, Tablet, phone, a notebook, a paper and a pencil, whatever you can think of will be fine, so that your stories are not forgotten in your mind, so, Stop planning and write.

In this article we give you valuable tips, so you can start writing without excuses and with great enthusiasm, learn more.

You can’t miss any of the tips in this post. Enjoy and keep reading!

Sit down to write your story, consult with your readers and sketch artists.

It’s discouraging how much of the writing activity time is spent not writing, especially if you’re creating comic scripts. To begin with, you should make an “outline” of your story, talk to the illustrator about what best suits their style (or yourself if you’re drawing it yourself).

You’ll have to correct what you’ve written, and check the dialogues on the finished pages, let alone if it’s a small project, where you’ll be in charge of the promotion or even distribution of it yourself. Who would have thought it would be necessary to spend so much time chatting with your potential readers on social networks? (And who would have thought it would be so comforting!)

The time has come, you wonder how and when, in the midst of so many tasks around pure writing, you will be able to actually, actually sit down to do it Read on for several possible answers!

deja de planear y escribe


This advice seems new, because soon I’ll be telling you about cell phones, tablets and so on, But it’s actually quite classic, because it used to be that writers and screenwriters (playwrights would call them, perhaps, before the invention of comics and cinema) always carried a small tape recorder with them, just like journalists.

Before that, banded annotators! And a small pencil, things you can carry with you on the bus or subway, generally relegated to capturing some new idea you come up with about your story, but which, can be used more proactively as well.

Even in ancient Greece, storytellers would go over their verses continuously with themselves, mumbling and exercising their minds (they were verses for a reason, all of mankind’s oldest stories are told in rhyming verse, so they were easier to memorize. Remember that there was no paper).

It is important that you learn to take advantage of the dead times you have throughout the day, make it easy on yourself, and have, before leaving home, your story separated into the smallest possible pieces.

Where you have ten minutes, you can tackle tasks like finding the exact words the Gnome Master says to the Intergalactic Tourist upon receiving his birthday present, for example, or filling in the boxes on the character sheet of the hero’s uncle, who I thought wouldn’t be someone important when I made him up, but now it turns out he is.

Don’t just have “Write My Story” as the title of your sheet.

After all, when you’re finally sitting in front of your computer, notebook or tablet and you have time to write, what do you use most of this time on? Staring at a blank page!

anotador para escribir

Every writer with some knowledge of human nature (And if you are going to create your own stories, I recommend you have some knowledge of human nature) learns early to spend those times of frustration and searching, walking to the drugstore or “commuting” from their “day job”.

Use the technique of the poets, and take the opportunity to look at the birds in the branches of the trees, or the lights alternately on and off in the windows of the apartment buildings. To fix your attention on something is the best way to set your creativity in motion.


It is really a vice, doubly tempting if you are a cartoonist or pretend to be one, because every cartoonist has to get information about a place and a certain period of time, to be able to realize his story.

Sometimes, the scriptwriter too, after all, you think, How could I write a work of a genre I hardly know, if I don’t start reading the most important works of the genre first? Wrong! This kind of research has to come after you’ve finished your first draft, to make corrections, to see if there’s anything you’d like to add or subtract, if your story is too similar to something else.

Generally, those who know less about a genre, are the ones who bring original perspectives to it, yes, on the other side of the experience, there is this possibility too, in the one who already knew everything and read everything, so he says “Hey, this could be added” so, more than once, what an expert does, is to take elements from other stories he already knows, but most of the public does not.

Do the names George Lucas or Quentin Tarantino ring a bell? Well, you know what I’m talking about. There is originality in those who know too little and those who know too much, but there is no middle ground!

If you research a genre you don’t know, but in which you would like to write, you run a great danger too, you run out of hunger, it is possible, that the part of your brain that wanted to create stories in that genre, is satisfied once you know two, three, seven stories of the same genre.

Anyway, we use the same part of our brain to create stories as we do to understand them. You need the hunger to write!

investigacion de escritura


Half the advice that’s going around the blogosphere is about getting motivated to write. And you tell me you’re already motivated, first, you should finish that timeline and complete all the character sheets, take a seminar on writing great dialogue, and research the genre better? Well, no! That, in writing, is the writing equivalent of complaining about “first world problems.”

If you feel like writing and can think of where to start, by golly, do it, everything else, is for when we want to have something to do while a blank page awaits us.

After reading these tips, you should be getting down to writing almost immediately, so I’ll skip the formalities and wish you bon voyage. Stop reading this article! You would have continued, even if it was, say, 50% longer, right? Well, I give you this abrupt ending and make the most of the time you have to spare! Success in your new stories, take each and every one of the tips!

cartel de no excusas


As we could observe during the course of the article, there are things and issues that you should do, and others that you should stop doing, keep in mind to always carry with you something to write down, whether notebook, Tablet, mobile, etc..

Don’t look for excuses not to start, sit down and do it, don’t plan so much, on the contrary, try to research about what you are going to write, do a research, learn about the genre you are going to write about, and don’t forget to consult with your readers and with the artist of your comic, everything will help you to advance quickly.

We look forward to seeing your stories.

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