The 6 infallible techniques to learn how to draw like a pro

Do you want to learn to draw as the great Elite self-taught artists have done? Learn the 6 infallible techniques that will make you double your learning speed at 100%.

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Find out what is the difference between a professional and you… and how to correct it!

The 3 things you didn’t know to improve your drawings, and you can implement them right now.

Why you’re wasting your time… and what you should do instead.

The 6 techniques used by professionals, and why you should use them

The biggest mistake beginners make… and why you should fix it before it’s too late

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Pack 1


Are you ready to embark on an exciting drawing adventure?

In this Basic Level Pack, you’ll discover techniques and secrets that will transform your artistic skills.

With these 11 fabulous topics, you will immerse yourself in a world full of creativity and discovery, awakening your curiosity and leading you to explore new forms of expression.

In this pack you will learn:

1 – Master the “Regularity Graphemes”: perfect your stroke with amazing exercises.
2 – Decompose the human figure: learn the measures and proportions that hide behind its apparent simplicity.
3 – The stick figure: a revolutionary tool that will change the way you draw.
4 – Master lines: the key to capturing the essence of movement and posture.
5 – Proportions in action: an exclusive guide to adapt to any pose.
6 – The art of “Acting”: bring your characters to life with naturalness and expressiveness.
7 – Dance to the rhythm of the line of action: the visual melody that guides your creations.
8 – Volume and perspective: unveil the secret to give depth to your illustrations.
9 – Movement in every stroke: capture the energy and dynamism of your characters.
10 – The magic cross: an infallible trick to define the most challenging poses.
11 – Treasure your knowledge: recapitulate and consolidate the concepts that will mark a before and after in your art.

Don’t wait any longer and dive into this Basic Level Pack, where each topic is a challenge that ignites the spark of creativity and invites you to go beyond.

These 11 lessons will be the foundation to develop your unique style and dazzle the world with your artistic skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow as an artist and discover all that you can achieve!


(This Pack includes 65 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

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Pack 2


Get ready to take your artistic skills to the next level with this Basic Level 2 Pack.

Through 13 captivating themes, you’ll explore concepts and techniques that will allow you to create more impactful and realistic illustrations.

Immerse yourself in a world of perspective, volume and movement, and discover how each theme will open the doors to an artistic universe full of possibilities.

In this pack you will learn:

12 – Perspective unveiled: key concepts to transform your drawings.
13 – Depth in each stroke: master the illusion of space in your art.
14 – Horizons and vanishing points: a quick and effective method to define your scenes.
15 – The three dimensions in your hands: exploit their potential to the fullest.
16 – Linear perspective: master the art of a vanishing point for an amazing representation.
17 – Parallel perspective: two vanishing points that will revolutionize your compositions.
18 – The non-existent line: discover how the artist creates his own visual language.
19 – The expressive power of the line: simple techniques for a surprising impact.
20 – Volume and form: a graphic approach to understanding and representing three-dimensional objects.
21 – The secret of the “T”: the favorite principle of professionals to achieve perfect drawings.
22 – The “flour sack” technique: an ingenious way to capture movement in three-dimensional forms.
23 – First steps in structured drawing: create solid and realistic illustrations.
24 – Combining shapes: build complex and challenging structures in your drawings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this Basic Level 2 Pack and expand your artistic repertoire with these 13 fascinating lessons.

Develop a deeper, more sophisticated approach to your illustrations as you unlock the secrets of perspective, volume and expressiveness.

Impress your audience and yourself with the incredible skills you’ll acquire in this artistic adventure!


(This Pack includes 82 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

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Pack 3


25 – How to train successfully using the “flour sack”.
26 – Giving life to a character.
27 – How to create action and movement from the beginning.
28 – The “flour sack” with geometric figures.
29 – The importance of the contour crosses. A very valuable resource.
30 – Adding structure to the wire doll.
31 – Occupying a correct place in the space.
32 – The use of the boxes to understand the perspective.
33 – First steps in “Spontaneous planting”.
34 – How to draw with succession of lines and absence of details.


(This Pack includes 119 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

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