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Juan Guerrero
JuanGuerreroMiembroTFC – MexicoLeer Más I joined TFC two years ago, with the previous platform, but this new one is fabulous and with great quality material. Keep it up, friends!!!Angel MartinezAngelMartinezMiembroTFC – MexicoRead More Very good course for beginners. It is easy to understand, very well explained. Recommended 100%Julia GomezJuliaGomezMiembroTFC – ArgentinaRead More What I like most about training for comics is that it teaches you to organize the hours of study and is how you learn much faster.Yamila BenaditesYamilaBenaditesMiembroTFC – ChileRead More I look for and save every tutorial on the internet about comics, and I must admit that learning with this platform is very easy …and economical!
Sebastian Ceballos
SebastianCeballosMiembroTFC – ArgentinaRead More I love the lessons of the course but what I like the most is the variety of the “Drawing step by step”, very good!!!!!!Camilo Estebanes Camilo EstebanesMiembroTFC – EcuadorRead More Downloading new material every month forces you to draw and not lose the rhythm, the course is really great!!!Alejandro DavidAlejandroDavidMiembroTFC – SpainRead More What a great wave!!!! What a great course! It’s really inspiring, keep it up! Greetings from camotilandia (Puebla).Sergio FernándezSergioFernándezMiembroTFC – SpainRead More I really appreciate it and I hope this platform and its content keeps growing! It’s the Netflix of drawing 🙂Fernando GuzmanFernandoGuzmanMiembroTFC – MexicoRead More It is without a doubt my favorite course, the lessons are very cool, keep it up !!!!Alberto BustamanteAlbertoBustamanteMiembroTFC – SpainRead More I studied artistic drawing in a school here in Spain and Training for comics serves me as a huge support to increase my artistic quality.
Maria Ana González
Maria Ana GonzálezMiembroTFC – ChileRead More Practicing with “drawing step by step” is a challenge, but the effort pays off and it’s a lot of fun.Gustavo GuarinoGustavoGuarinoMiembroTFC – ArgentinaRead More I’ve been a member of Training for Comics for a long time and the material is getting better and better. I recommend it.Natalia HernándezNataliaHernándezMiembroTFC – ColombiaRead More Excellent TFC!!! I practice every day, I don’t draw on the practice sheets, I do it on a separate sheet, but I print them to have an order.Micheal SmithMichealSmithMiembroTFC – USARead More Excellent course, really surprised me! It’s like Netflix but to learn how to draw!Mark AdamsMarkAdamsMiembroTFC – USARead More I love having everything ready and easy to learn! The practice sheets are the best! TFC Rocks!Lisa SimmonsLisaSimmonsMiembroTFC – CanadaRead More I expected more of the same, but this is WOW! I love being part of this community!William RobertsWilliamRobertsMiembroTFC – UKRead More I learned more in one month than before in a year! This is how it has to be a drawing course!James DavisJamesDavisMiembroTFC – USARead More Unlike everything I saw. The only and best platform to learn to draw! I love TFC!Karen ThomasKarenThomasMiembroTFC – USARead More Very good! I would love to see more and more material every day.Jeffrey JohnsonJeffreyJohnsonMiembroTFC – CanadaRead More My drawings finally take real shape, thanks TFC!!!Brian CollinsBrianCollinsMiembroTFC – AustraliaRead More The best place and environment for the lover of drawing and illustration. Definitely.Patricia ScottPatriciaScottMiembroTFC – USARead More My own virtual drawing library! I love this!Robert ClarkRobertClarkMiembroTFC – USARead More I really like drawing step by step to practice every week. It forces you to always keep improving. Cool.Sandra AllenSandraAllenMiembroTFC – AustraliaRead More Finally something different. I lost a lot of time on YouTube haha. 5 stars!Richard ColemanRichardColemanMiembroTFC – USARead More TFC is like the Netflix of the drawing. Simply excellent.Jennifer BrownJenniferBrownMiembroTFC – CanadaLeer Más To learn fast and organized, it’s the best I’ve found in a long time. You just need a pencil and have no excuses.Brian CollinsBrianCollinsMiembroTFC – UKRead More I love your content. Quality, quality, quality! Thanks you!join now and get instant access




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🚨 It’s not just “copy for copy”. If you learn wrongly, it will cost you twice to correct that in the future. You need a smart plan to learn to draw correctly and here we show you.Don’t waste your time trying and guessing. Know a method that will make your artistic quality 100% grow, created by consecrated artists who have already gone through this path and today have more than 30 years of experience. Your time is valuable! You will learn to draw in less time with a guaranteed method of lessons and practice sheets that will allow you to reach the level you want faster!OB THE OBJECTIVE IS THE ORGANIZED PRACTICE WITH AN INTELLIGENT WORK PLAN!This system will allow you to grow rapidly, significantly increasing your technical capacity by taking advantage of the time you spend training your art. Do not hesitate! If you are studying in an academy or do it self-taught through internet tutorials, trust TFC as an indispensable practice tool for what you learn, be empowered and take you to reach your maximum level. Everything you need in one place. Learn to draw from scratch, or improve your existing technique, at professional levels. You will have a Zero to Expert Course included, plus a lot of practice material that you receive NEW EVERY WEEK. Because those who have gone through this path know that PRACTICE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. And in Training For Comics we focus primarily on that, giving you constantly new material. We are not just a drawing course, We are a complete and unique online platform dedicated exclusively to learn to draw, with constant practice material, and new, every week! How Spotify is to music; Netflix to the movies, TFC is to drawing! Join over 7,500 members and artists from around the world! Bepart of this growing movement and integrate our great community!

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Ariel OlivettiDaniel KopalekAriel OlivettiAriel OlivettiArielOlivetti ArielOlivetti Ariel OlivettiAriel Olivetti Ariel OlivettiHoracio Lalia HoracioLaliaHoracioLalia
Horacio LaliaDaniel Kopalek Daniel KopalekDanielKopalekDanielKopalekDaniel Kopalek DanielKopalekDaniel Kopalek DanielKopalekDaniel KopalekDanielKopalek
Daniel Kopalek Daniel Kopalek

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Elite Artist Recommendation

Horacio Lalia

He has published in the publishing houses Eura (Italy), Norma Editorial (Spain), Editorial Albin Michel (France), IPC (England) and Bastey (Germany). He has made adaptations of classic authors of literature such as H. P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, H. G. Wells, among others. G. Wells, among others.

“Training For Comics is the platform that came to change the way you learn to draw. If you really want to get better at mastering art and illustration this is the place. I highly recommend TFC.”

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what is tfc?Training For Comics is an Online platformexclusively dedicated to learning how to draw.

Why is TFC more effective than other methods?Training For Comics is more effective than other methods because it is based on aintelligent work planand constant practice.In general one finds on the internet a lot of theory but not a system focused on practice. TFC is like a gym for the cartoonist. Theory is important, but it is only the beginning, our strength is that besides giving you the best theory, we will make you practice from different angles with techniques created and used by great professional artists. The result is that you will see your drawing skills increase in a very short time.WHAT MATERIAL DO I RECEIVE WITH THE MEMBERSHIP?You receive a LOT of material in the membership. Every week you have a new book to practice (included free in your membership) called “Drawing Step by Step” . Also, every month you have a Drawing Lesson NEW that comes with two books included (one theoretical and one Workbook for practice). Therefore, you have 6 different books every month! New! Month to month! All free included!In addition to all the books you get when you enter !: 4 “Drawing Lessons” (4 Theoretical Books and 4 Workbooks) + 24 “Drawing Step by Step” in the annual subscription. A total of 32 Books! Then 6 new books every month! 💥🤯 All Practice Workbooks are printable. You print in one click and you are already training. 💪You will not have enough time for so much content No Don’t say we didn’t warn you if your hand hurts after so much practice! 🤣Do I need previous knowledge?No, no matter your level, basic, intermediate or advanced. There is content for all levels.

TFC is the perfect ecosystem for illustration lovers. Without a doubt ,WHO ARE THE ARTISTS THAT TEACH AT TFC?All of us who were drawing lovers have seen great artists in Comics magazines. And we dreamed that they would teach us directly. Well, that’s what we did. 😉 In TFC you will learn only with the best. We gathered the greats of the greats to create content on the platform and teach their secrets. Artists like Ariel Olivetti (Known for his work in Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse), Horacio Lalia nicknamed “Master of Chiaroscuro” with over 50 years of experience. It is the only place where you can be side by side with the best while they teach you their best tips and secrets. Whether you have a basic, intermediate or advanced level. You will always learn something new at TFC.How do I cancel?Thanks to the low price and great amount of content no one wants to leave TFC. But if that’s your case, you can cancel your account at any time in just two clicks from your account menu. Start whenever you want, cancel whenever you want. No strings attached.How can I pay?You can pay with any Credit or Debit Card. You can also pay with Paypal.What devices can I use to access TFC?You can accessTFCwith any PC, mobile or tablet. TFC is a web app that adapts to your preferred device.At what age should I start?Everyone can learn to draw. In general we recommend from the age of 8 and up.But… I’m over 50 and I feel like learning from scratch, can I do it?Of course you can, the only barriers are mental ones. Start today, practice daily and you’ll see excellent results before you expect it!can I learn to draw magically?Yes, this question is real. 😀No! You must practice. We will give you all the guides, tools, shortcuts, secrets and support, so you can learn in the fastest and safest way. Without wasting time. But nothing will replace the practice and perseverance you have to learn. If you don’t practice, you won’t learn. But, if you start today and practice, you will really learn to draw sooner than expected. And if you continue like this, you will undoubtedly be able to get the professional quality of the artists that teach on the platform. And who knows, you may be teaching here soon 😉 We wish you all the best!Sebastian Ceballos

Member TFC – Argentina

 5/5

I love the lessons of the course but what I like the most is the variety of the “Drawing step by step”. Very good!

Very good course for beginners. Easy to understand, very well explained. I recommend it 100%.

Angel Martinez

Member TFC – Mexico

 5/5Juan Guerrero

TFC Member – Mexico

 5/5

I joined TFC two years ago, with the previous platform, but this new one is fabulous and with great quality material. Keep it up folks!

I search and save every tutorial on the internet about comics, and I must admit that learning with this platform is very easy …and cheap!

Yamila Benadites

Member TFC – Chile

 5/5


We firmly believe that this is the method to learn how to draw at a professional level that will bring you the best benefits. The method was created by elite artists of international level. We have analyzed what leads to guaranteed success and we have created the TFC platform based on that. Artists recommend us. So do the members. Simply, if you like to draw and want to improve. Whatever level you are, you should not be left out of Training For Comics. Join us and be welcome in the largest professional illustration community.

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