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I definitely recommend Training For Comics, especially for its exceptional training method for illustrators of all kinds.

Matthew Rossberg

TFC Member

I definitely recommend Training For Comics, especially for its exceptional training method for illustrators of all kinds.



Pack  1


Are you ready to embark on an exciting drawing adventure?

In this Basic Level Pack, you’ll discover techniques and secrets that will transform your artistic skills.

With these 11 fabulous topics, you will immerse yourself in a world full of creativity and discovery, awakening your curiosity and leading you to explore new forms of expression.

In this pack you will learn:

1 – Master the “Regularity Graphemes”: perfect your stroke with amazing exercises.
2 – Decompose the human figure: learn the measures and proportions that hide behind its apparent simplicity.
3 – The stick figure: a revolutionary tool that will change the way you draw.
4 – Master lines: the key to capturing the essence of movement and posture.
5 – Proportions in action: an exclusive guide to adapt to any pose.
6 – The art of “Acting”: bring your characters to life with naturalness and expressiveness.
7 – Dance to the rhythm of the line of action: the visual melody that guides your creations.
8 – Volume and perspective: unveil the secret to give depth to your illustrations.
9 – Movement in every stroke: capture the energy and dynamism of your characters.
10 – The magic cross: an infallible trick to define the most challenging poses.
11 – Treasure your knowledge: recapitulate and consolidate the concepts that will mark a before and after in your art.

Don’t wait any longer and dive into this Basic Level Pack, where each topic is a challenge that ignites the spark of creativity and invites you to go beyond.

These 11 lessons will be the foundation to develop your unique style and dazzle the world with your artistic skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow as an artist and discover all that you can achieve!


(This Pack includes 65 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  2


Get ready to take your artistic skills to the next level with this Basic Level 2 Pack.

Through 13 captivating themes, you’ll explore concepts and techniques that will allow you to create more impactful and realistic illustrations.

Immerse yourself in a world of perspective, volume and movement, and discover how each theme will open the doors to an artistic universe full of possibilities.

In this pack you will learn:

12 – Perspective unveiled: key concepts to transform your drawings.
13 – Depth in each stroke: master the illusion of space in your art.
14 – Horizons and vanishing points: a quick and effective method to define your scenes.
15 – The three dimensions in your hands: exploit their potential to the fullest.
16 – Linear perspective: master the art of a vanishing point for an amazing representation.
17 – Parallel perspective: two vanishing points that will revolutionize your compositions.
18 – The non-existent line: discover how the artist creates his own visual language.
19 – The expressive power of the line: simple techniques for a surprising impact.
20 – Volume and form: a graphic approach to understanding and representing three-dimensional objects.
21 – The secret of the “T”: the favorite principle of professionals to achieve perfect drawings.
22 – The “flour sack” technique: an ingenious way to capture movement in three-dimensional forms.
23 – First steps in structured drawing: create solid and realistic illustrations.
24 – Combining shapes: build complex and challenging structures in your drawings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this Basic Level 2 Pack and expand your artistic repertoire with these 13 fascinating lessons.

Develop a deeper, more sophisticated approach to your illustrations as you unlock the secrets of perspective, volume and expressiveness.

Impress your audience and yourself with the incredible skills you’ll acquire in this artistic adventure!


(This Pack includes 82 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  3


25 – How to train successfully using the “flour sack”.
26 – Giving life to a character.
27 – How to create action and movement from the beginning.
28 – The “flour sack” with geometric figures.
29 – The importance of the contour crosses. A very valuable resource.
30 – Adding structure to the wire doll.
31 – Occupying a correct place in the space.
32 – The use of the boxes to understand the perspective.
33 – First steps in “Spontaneous planting”.
34 – How to draw with succession of lines and absence of details.


(This Pack includes 119 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  4


35 – The drawing of heads and features (Introduction).
36 – Review of the basic construction of the head.
37 – Points to keep in mind to be able to draw from memory.
38 – Let’s deform the basic head to create great characters.
39 – How you should practice drawing heads to achieve success.
40 – The construction of a face placing the features in perspective.
41 – The construction of the head starting from geometric figures.
42 – The 8 steps you need to know.


(This Pack includes 50 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  5


43 – Training with the “Spontaneous Tracing” (TE) technique.
44 – Variation of the “Support lines”.
45 – What is spontaneous tracing used for.
46 – The 3 steps leading to the final drawing.


(This Pack includes 23 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  6


47 – Stylized anatomy, a style that catches.
48 – Learn structure, muscles and perspective in stylized anatomy.
49 – The bones and muscles and how they affect the surface of the body.
50 – The Disney style.
51 – The art of simplifying bones and muscles.
52 – Movement and action in simplified drawing.
53 – Using the “LR Technique” to practice and learn this subject.
54 – Hanging the figures on the horizon (The two essential rules).
55 – How to build the thorax and pelvis in 4 simple steps.
56 – Standing the figure in correct perspective (The key points).
57 – The simplification process explained step by step (The points to memorize).


(This Pack includes 85 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  7


58 – How to learn to draw well the hands in different styles (Introduction)
59 – Learning the basic geometric shapes.
60 – How to use the “coincident points” in the search for proportion.
61 – The crossing of contours in the fingers and palm.
62 – The 3 most important protuberances that you should know.
63 – The key points you will need to know.
64 – This is what you should do when sketching to make your drawings easier.
65 – Realistic hands and their stylized version. Discover the tips that make the difference.


(This Pack includes 59 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  8


66 – How to learn to draw well the mouth in different styles (Introduction).
67 – How to divide the mouth.
68 – Placing correctly the axes to start drawing.
69 – What differentiates one lip from the other? You must know this.
70 – The mouth of the man and the woman. The characteristics that differentiate them.
71 – The technique of “Drawing with straight lines” (TR) to start practicing.
72 – The mouth in the comic style. How to simplify its forms.


(This Pack includes 70 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  9


73 – How to learn to draw the eyes well in different styles (Introduction).
74 – Achieving the expressiveness of the eyes.
75 – The physical composition of the eye and its correct location in the skull.
76 – The movement of the eyeballs as a whole.
77 – The eyelids and how they work on the eyeball.
78 – 10 infallible tips to apply when you need to draw the eyes.
79 – the guides of references that are going to serve you when you begin to draw.
80 – Drawing eyebrows correctly, this is what you should not do.
81 – The drawing of the eye in the realistic and simplified style. The differences.


(This Pack includes 50 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  10


82 – How to draw the nose well in different styles (Introduction).
83 – Anatomy of a nose. The parts that matter.
84 – The differences to take into account between one nose and another. The 6 questions to ask yourself before drawing.
85 – How to start building a nose easily.
86 – Polishing the forms and the style.
87 – The lights and shadows on the nose (What should you take into account?).
88 – The nose seen from different angles. How to draw it?
89 – Combining hard and soft shadows to create volume.
90 – The nose in the simplified style.


(This Pack includes 65 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  11


91 – How to draw well the ear in different styles (Introduction).
92 – Understanding its shape in order to represent it correctly.
93 – Placing the ear in the correct position.
94 – The structure and naming of the parts of an ear.
95 – The proportions of the ear in relation to the other features.
96 – Beginning to draw using schematic forms.
97 – The ear seen in volume to understand its shape easily.
98 – Know the dominant lines to be able to build the ear from memory.
99 – The ear seen from other angles. This is how you should draw it.
100 – Reference points that will help us to draw it correctly.
101 – Types of ears according to different styles and genders.


(This Pack includes 67 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  12


102 – How to draw hair well in different styles (Introduction.)
103 – Beginning to understand how hair behaves.
104 – Discover and learn the three main points you need to know.
105 – Beginning to structure the hair. How to do it right.
106 – Hair volume. The main shapes to look for.
107 – Start shaping the movement. The variations you can apply.
108 – The different views of a head of hair.
109 – Unmissable tips that will give freshness to the drawing of the hair.


(This Pack includes 73 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  13


110 – How to draw wrinkles and folds well on fabrics (introduction).
111 – Types of wrinkles: Dynamic and Inert.
112 – The linear or dynamic wrinkle: 7 examples that you can use.
113 – The external sector and the internal sector to the wrinkles.
114 – The internal and external “tension points”.
115 – What is the “flow” in wrinkles and how to understand it.
116 – The law of gravity according to the different fabrics.
117 – Wrinkles by “compression” and wrinkles by “rotation”.
118 – Main and secondary tension points.
119 – What is called the upper and lower plane in the folds.
120 – Inert wrinkles or folds: what are they and how do they behave?
121 – Wrinkles and pleats in loose fabrics (skirts and capes).
122 – How to interpret pleats in perspective.


(This Pack includes 75 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  14


123 – Dynamic Anatomy 1. Learn how to draw arms in different styles (Introduction).
124 – The measurements and proportions of the arm.
125 – The movements that an arm performs: Supination and Pronation.
126 – Summarizing the arm in 3 big forms.
127 – The bones that make up the arm.
128 – The elbow joint.
129 – The most prominent points on the surface of the arm.
130 – The muscles of the arm and their different views.
131 – Begin to structure the arms with this basic form.
132 – The arm in perspective. How to draw it easily.
133 – Learn how to simplify the arm.


(This Pack includes 66 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  15


134 – Dynamic anatomy 2. The interaction of the muscles of the neck, torso and arms.
135 – The upper half.
136 – How the muscles interact in complex positions.
137 – Always thinking in three dimensions. How to achieve this?
138 – Drawing well the torso with volume. The essential guides.
139 – Drawing the transparent body. What is the purpose of this?
140 – The main muscles of the neck and how to learn them by heart.
141 – The synthesis of the skeleton of the torso.
142 – The torso seen from the front and back. How to learn it by heart.
143 – Basic structures to be able to build the torso in movement.
144 – A guide line diagram to easily remember and draw the muscles.
145 – The visible surface. The synthesis.


(This Pack includes 90 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  16


146 – Dynamic anatomy 3. The pelvis and legs (Introduction).
147 – The functions of the pelvis.
148 – The bones of the pelvis in the female and male. Notable differences.
149 – The bones of the lower extremity. The thigh.
150 – The muscles of the thigh. The abductor group.
151 – Key points to memorize to build your figure.
152 – The knee and its composition. Everything you need to know.
153 – The tendons of the knee. Learn to recognize them.
154 – The muscles of the leg.
155 – The lower extremity seen in profile and from behind.
156 – The gluteal region. Composition.
157 – Structuring the sketch in the drawing of the legs.
158 – The step of defining the drawing. Tips to keep in mind.


(This Pack includes 77 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  17


159 – Dynamic Anatomy 4. How to draw the foot (Introduction).
160 – The foot. That permanent object of oblivion.
161 – The bony composition of the foot.
162 – The muscles of the foot.
163 – Let’s begin to draw it as it should be.
164 – Proportions and tips you should know to facilitate its construction.
165 – The shoe placed on the foot.


(This Pack includes 50 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  18


166 – The concept of “rhythm” applied to the figure.
167 – Examples that will serve as a guide to help you understand what rhythm is in art.
168 – Rhythm by “chromatic alternation.”
169 – How to see the rhythm in your drawing by applying spontaneous tracing.
170 – How to recognize a drawing when it lacks rhythm.
171 – How we can define the rhythm in the human figure.
172 – How to establish relationships between lines.


(This Pack includes 62 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  19


173 – Learn how to draw pets (Introduction).
174 – Dogs and cats, the best friends of the human being.
175 – The sketch. Understanding the shapes and lines of the animal kingdom.
176 – The dog in its different views. The profile view.
177 – Development of the five steps to draw the profile view.
178 – The dog: Sketch variations. Curve and polygonal.
179 – Proportions of the dog in profile view, References to use.
180 – The dog seen in 3/4 profile and in 4 steps. The three blocks.
181 – The dog seen from the front. How to simplify the torso.
182 – A variant: The dog sitting. The different ways of doing it.
183 – The cat in its different views (Introduction).
184 – The cat seen in profile in 5 easy steps.
185 – The cat: Sketch variants. Curve and polygonal.
186 – Cat proportions in profile view.
187 – The cat seen in 3/4 profile.
188 – The cat seen from the front. Points to consider.
189 – A variant: The seated cat. Characteristics that differentiate it from the dog.
190 – The head of the cat seen in profile (The eye, the neck and the ears).
191 – Directions and planes. Looking for and closing the planes to generate volume.
192 – The cat: The fur and its texture.
193 – The head of the cat seen from the front (Structure, muzzle, ears and eyes).
194 – The head of the cat seen in profile. Shapes and features.
195 – The dog’s head seen in profile. General structure and study of features.
196 – Establishing the directions and planes.
197 – The dog: Study of the coat and texture.
198 – The head of the dog seen from the front (Structure and study of the features).
199 – Establishing directions and planes.
200 – The head of the dog seen from 3/4 profile (Structure and study of features).
201 – Dogs and cats in movement. The directions.
202 – Working with two aspects simultaneously.


(This Pack includes 25 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  20


203 – The secrets to turn your script into a comic book (Introduction).
204 – How to structure a script to create a comic book.
205 – The realization of the layout. A sketch of a comic page.
206 – Objectives of the layout.
207 – The details provided by a scriptwriter. Specification of plans and approaches.
208 – The study of the plans and approaches and their specific use.
209 – The approach and how it is used in a comic.
210 – Change of shots to create the rhythm in the story.
211 – The interaction between the ideas of the scriptwriter and the cartoonist.
212 – The composition of the complete page.
213 – The reading guides and the arcs of contention. What they are and how to use them.
214 – The distribution of the vignettes inside the page.
215 – How to create dynamism in the actions. Breaking regularity.
216 – The reading of a sequence of scenes.
217 – Artists who break stereotypes in narrative.


(This Pack includes 18 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  21


218 – From portrait to character (Introduction).
219 – How to quickly capture the likeness.
220 – The strategies of the portraitists. Analysis of a face.
221 – Hair, jaw, forehead, nose and eyebrows. Factions. Internal marks.
222 – The general form. Artistic interpretation.
223 – Performing the analysis once again.
224 – Analyzing the individual proportions of each face.
225 – The hair, an ideal frame.
226 – An effective exercise to generate portraits.
227 – Synthesis and internalization.
228 – The scale of iconicity. What it is and how to apply it.
229 – 4 steps to create a character.
230 – Let’s study something about expressions.
231 – How to make your own casting.


(This Pack includes 18 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  22


226 – Storytelling / Part 1. Knowing how to tell stories is an art (Introduction).
227 – Panel by panel. A succession of images.
228 – Indication of shots and “suggested” approaches.
229 – The pages. How to organize your script.
230 – Some common problems.

BONUS: Learn how to write your own adventures!


(This Pack includes 13 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  23


231 – Learn how to draw wild animals: The big cats (Introduction)
232 – The big cats and their participation in comics.
233 – The head of the big cats: General aspects.
234 – The front view in 5 essential steps.
235 – The profile view: Using observation strategies.
236 – The bodies of the felines: General aspects.
237 – The 4 steps for its correct construction.
238 – Directing dominant lines.
239 – How to quickly establish proportions.
240 – How to draw the Lion’s mane.
241 – Aspects that you must emphasize when drawing the big cats…
242 – How to draw the typical walk of the Lion.
243 – The tiger: Specific characteristics….
244 – The tiger and the front and profile view.
245 – The tiger in action: Jumping.
246 – The Cheetah: Specific characteristics.
247 – Drawing the Cheetah in front and profile: Differences.
248 – The Cheetah in action: Running.
249 – The cougar: Specific characteristics.
250 – The cougar front and profile view.
251 – The leopard, the black panther and the jaguar: Similarities and differences.


(This Pack includes 30 different downloadable exercises to practice and learn these topics).

Pack  24


    1. The art of storytelling through comics: dive into the fascinating world of graphic storytelling and the power of images.
    2. The color palette: how the choice of color can convey emotions, atmosphere and bring your characters and stories to life.
    3. Saturated vs. muted palettes: discover the differences and how to use them to give identity and style to your work.
    4. Visual styles in popular comics: learn from the greats of comics and how to apply their techniques to your own creations.
    5. Perspective and depth: master the techniques to create convincing and realistic three-dimensional settings.
    6. Three-dimensionality: transform your flat drawings into works with depth and volume.
    7. Playing with shadows: learn how to use light and shadow to add realism, dimension and texture to your drawings.
    8. Isometric perspective: a unique approach to creating three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional plane and its application in video games.
    9. Cavalier and military perspective: origin, applications and advantages in the representation of three-dimensional elements in a plane.
    10. Perspective with vanishing points: master the visual illusion and the positioning of the reader in a realistic and natural context.
    11. One, two and three vanishing points: explore the differences, advantages and possibilities offered by these techniques in your work.
    12. Aerial perspective: learn how to draw from above and enrich your scenarios with this technique, ideal for panoramic views.
    13. The importance of practice: develop your skills and technique with exercises and creative challenges.
    14. Creating your personal style: how to combine techniques and tools to develop a unique and distinctive style in your comics.
    15. Enjoying the creative process: learn to appreciate each stage of artistic development and build a technique you are comfortable with.

    Dare to explore this lesson and discover how to take your artistic skills to the next level in the exciting world of comics and comic books!


Pack  25


  1. The magic of dinosaurs: discovering the fascinating world of these prehistoric creatures.
  2. From zero to expert: mastering the essential tools and techniques to illustrate dinosaurs with mastery.
  3. Velociraptor unveiled: dive into the artistic process of drawing the Cretaceous hunter.
  4. Spinosaurus: navigating the waters of the past and recreating the colossal aquatic dinosaur.
  5. Ankylosaurus: strength with scales, discover how to bring to life the living tank of the Jurassic world.
  6. The enigmatic Stegosaurus: exploring the art of drawing the spiky plate dinosaur.
  7. Argentinosaurus: capturing the grandeur of the giant herbivore that dominated the Earth millions of years ago.
  8. Triceratops: facing the artistic challenge of illustrating the imposing three-horned dinosaur.
  9. Pterodactyl: soaring through the skies of the past and learning to draw the majestic flying reptile.
  10. Plesiosaurus: unraveling the mystery of the sea monster and perfecting its artistic representation.
  11. Giants among us: comparing the size of dinosaurs to modern humans to amaze your viewers.
  12. Dinosaurs and their habitat: illustrating the symbiosis between these beings and their prehistoric environment.
  13. Paleontological curiosities: enriching your illustrations with the latest discoveries and findings in the world of dinosaurs.
  14. Textures and details: the secret to give life and realism to your dinosaur illustrations.
  15. Narrative and context in the Jurassic world: learn how to tell exciting stories through your dinosaur illustrations.


Pack  26


  1. The secret behind expressive faces: unlock the soul of your characters.
  2. Less is more: unraveling the enigma of minimalist drawing.
  3. Magic in the dark: master light and shadow like a pencil wizard.
  4. Rediscovering the ordinary: transforming everyday objects into masterpieces.
  5. Whispering to nature: learn to capture wildlife with delicacy and passion.
  6. Strokes that touch: discover how to draw feelings that touch the heart.
  7. From the ephemeral to the eternal: techniques to bring your ideas to life on paper.
  8. Breaking molds: dare to explore the chaos and freedom of abstract art.
  9. A journey through space: conquer perspective and dimensions in your drawings.
  10. Treasures of the past: relive the forgotten techniques of ancient civilizations.
  11. Shaping tomorrow: learn how to capture your futuristic dreams on canvas.
  12. The formula for perfect drawing: master anatomy, proportions and movement.
  13. A world of patterns: unleash the power of textures and designs in your illustrations.
  14. Painting with the soul: how your emotional state is reflected in your art.
  15. The spark of creativity: surprising exercises to overcome artistic blockage.


Pack  27


Scripting Lesson: Master the Playbill and take your comics writing to the next level

  1. The tagline: the secret weapon of successful comics writers
  2. How the rundown can elevate the quality of your stories and grab the reader’s attention
  3. Discover how to analyze and break down other people’s stories to improve your creative skills
  4. Learn how to effectively break down and plan your story into pages and vignettes
  5. Apply your knowledge to your own written or drawn scripts and comics
  6. Become a more versatile scriptwriter by working with stories of different genres
  7. Watchmen page analysis exercise: learn how to scale like a pro
  8. Challenge yourself with ladders of different lengths and levels of complexity
  9. Adapt to any creative challenge by scaling down and expanding stories without losing their essence
  10. Go beyond! Learn how to tell exciting stories in just a few pages
  11. Practical exercises to help you take your comics writing to the next level
  12. How to use storyboarding to maintain coherence and rhythm in your stories
  13. Become a master of adaptation by tackling original synopses and scripts
  14. Learn how to balance action, dialogue, and narration in your comic book scripts
  15. Make a difference! Discover how storyboarding can help you develop a unique screenwriting style

If you’re ready to take your comics writing to the next level, don’t miss this lesson! Learn how to master the Play-List and discover how this tool can transform your stories and help you develop a unique style in screenwriting. With practical, challenging exercises adapted to different levels of complexity, this lesson will give you the tools you need to become a successful comic book writer. Don’t wait any longer and start exploring the secrets of the Play-List!


Pack  28


Delve into the fascinating world of dinosaurs with this incredible lesson on how to draw these majestic prehistoric creatures.

Throughout this lesson, you will learn techniques and secrets to accurately represent the most well-known and iconic dinosaurs in detail. You will discover how to approach the anatomy of these creatures, how to capture their unique textures and how to recreate exciting scenes with them as protagonists.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the intriguing work of paleoartists and learn how to apply their skills to your own illustrations.

Don’t wait any longer! Purchase this lesson and immerse yourself in the exciting art of drawing dinosaurs.

  1. Unlocking the secrets of dinosaur fossils: how paleoart brings these magnificent creatures to life.
  2. Drawing accurately proportioned dinosaurs: the importance of skeletons in creating realistic illustrations.
  3. Revealing the internal anatomy of dinosaurs: how to understand and draw musculature and bone structure.
  4. The mysteries of dinosaur distinctive features: understanding and capturing their unique characteristics.
  5. Textures and details: how to add realism and depth to your dinosaur illustrations.
  6. Mastering inking technique: how to bring your drawings to life with realistic shadows and textures.
  7. Discovering the diversity of dinosaurs: from the ferocious Velociraptor to the majestic Argentinosaurus.
  8. Learning to draw dinosaurs in action: how to represent them in different angles and postures.
  9. Creating realistic prehistoric scenes: how to illustrate environments and landscapes suitable for your dinosaurs.
  10. The relationship between dinosaurs and humans in illustration: how to represent scale and interaction.
  11. Drawing dinosaurs from iconic movies: how to use film stills to enhance your artistic skills.
  12. Creating exciting vignettes: how to bring your dinosaurs to life in comics and visual storytelling.
  13. Taking inspiration from nature: how to observe actual animals to enhance your dinosaur illustrations.
  14. Working like a paleoartist: how to combine science and art to create accurate depictions of dinosaurs.
  15. The ultimate guide to dinosaur sizes: how to compare and represent the size of these creatures in relation to humans.

This comprehensive and captivating lesson on how to draw dinosaurs is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting prehistoric world and improve your artistic skills. With topics ranging from detailed anatomy to recreating iconic movie scenes, this lesson is a must-have for any aspiring artist or dinosaur enthusiast.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this valuable source of knowledge and techniques that will allow you to bring these magnificent creatures to life in your own illustrations.

Access the lesson now and begin your adventure into the fascinating world of dinosaurs and art!


New lessons are added every month!

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When you try to create or copy a drawing it looks disproportionate and strange? Prevent all your drawings from looking like an Alien…! We explain the quick solution to this problem on page 6 and 7!

Do you sometimes feel that your hand does not move freely and cannot do what your mind tells it to do…? if so… it is because you are not using the method explained on Page 5!

Do your drawings look static and unnatural? Solve it immediately with the tips on Page 11.

When you start with a blank page, do you get stuck and don’t know exactly where to start?… Break the fear of the blank page with this secret! – Page 9

How to diagram complete scenes of an entire drawing in the right proportion, in minutes, effortlessly… and without mistakes! (Learn it with the powerful trick on page 8).






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Learn with only the best – we team up with top quality artists to produce content for members on a weekly basis! Discover all their secrets as they explain them to you on TFC.

Daniel Kopalek

Professional Illustrator

Ariel Olivetti

Professional Illustrator

luis figueiredo

Professional Illustrator

Diego Aballay

Professional Illustrator

Horacio Lalia

Professional Illustrator

Oscar Capristo

Professional Illustrator

Having regard to


You can get this quality in your work with his guidance, tips and secrets! What are you waiting for to start today?

Having regard to


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You have the guide, the exercises, tips, tricks and secrets to learn how to draw… super!

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The 6 steps you need in your training plan! (Implement these simple and powerful 6 steps to get on the fast track today!) – Page 6

Use the indispensable condition to progress as an artist! How to use it to your advantage and see progress day after day! – Page 7

Master the “Trial, Error and Correction” technique correctly! This technique is designed to incorporate at greater speed everything you learn and see more solid results in less time – Discover it on Page 8.

What are the “Training Sheets”? Practice, implement and measure your evolution through the months! – Page 9


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You will learn and experience for yourself why TFC members learn 500% faster with our exclusive method .

3D Books

This is not an animated video, this is the actual platform in use! 🤯


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Learning to draw has to be fun…

In this “Drawing Step by Step”… Ariel Olivetti (Marvel and DC Artist)…

He teaches you how to draw a classic comic book character from scratch, step by step!

What are you waiting for to draw it yourself? Are you up for it?

Learn step by step with Ariel Olivetti how to draw this excellent character!

Start from the blank sheet! in 6 detailed steps so you can follow along and do it yourself!

Have fun and improve! The “Drawing Step by Step” is the most fun way to implement everything you learn!

One-click printable worksheets

What do you want to practice with today? Log in and print your practice sheets in just a few clicks!


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BONUS #4 :Drawing step by step "How to create convincing characters" by Oscar Capristo


Ok… you still want more?

It’s ok…

Why do you want to learn how to draw… if you can’t think of WHAT to draw?

Oscar Capristo is a master at creating characters…

And in this “Drawing Step by Step”, he teaches you the process of how to create convincing characters!

Master the trick of small sketches! And find out why it’s best before you start creating your character! – Page 3

The living block and the detailed block…. Two concepts you must master to successfully create your new character! – Learn it on Page 3 and 4

How to have an inexhaustible source of new ideas for your character using the trick on page 5 and 6!

Discover step by step all the details from start to finish! and learn how to do it yourself!

Find out exactly how to do it yourself! with the 6 steps detailed to perfection!


Receive along with the theory books a detailed practice material that will surprise you when you see your progress in such a short time of implementation!


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Did you also want to learn how to draw a beautiful woman?

Very well!

In this “Drawing Step by Step” we bring…

Characters in action… “Huntress”

Learn how to draw a woman in woman hunter in this edition of the “Drawn Step by Step”.

Do it yourself! in a simple way the artist takes you through 11 super detailed steps, so that you can see, little by little, how he starts from the blank sheet, until he finishes completely, as if you were next to him while he is doing it, and he explains it in such a way that you can do it too!


Start from completely zero.

It will help you whether you’ve never picked up a pencil before, or if you have drawing skills.

It’s for you, if you like illustration and want to improve your skills!


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Learn how to draw LEE in this wonderful by the hand of Luis Figueiredo in this wonderful Drawing Step by Step.

How to use dynamic lines! (This will make your drawing flow and come alive!) – Page 3

How to use perspective lines (How to achieve the effect of views from above or below! ) – Page 5

How to give that 3D effect with lights and shadows? What will make your drawings jump out of the screen – Page 7 and 8

5 steps for you to do it yourself! (Where the artist explains you what to do in each one, and then you will have a sheet with a guide for you to do it yourself! Practice and have fun that’s the point)!

😍 Growing community

Join over 7,500 members and artists from around the world! Be part of this growing movement and integrate our great community!

* More than 250,000 followers in our networks and counting!

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And what about children’s drawings? Here’s another BONUS to get your taste buds going – practice step by step, from scratch, how to make a children’s drawing!

Discover how to use the lines to make the right sketch and then move step by step from the blank sheet to the finished drawing!

5 detailed steps for you to do it too – From the hand of artist Luis Figueiredo

Learn and have fun! That’s the main motto of the Dibujando Paso a Paso! What are you waiting for to try and do it yourself?


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Here's what people are saying about TFC

We are delighted to have so many testimonials of appreciation for our work!
Here are just a few of them…

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