3 secrets to get other people to draw your comics for you

In the following article, we will show you 3 secrets to get other people to draw your comics for you.

Usually you are the one who draws your own stories, but why not give someone else the chance to draw it? You can concentrate on playing the role of writer or scriptwriter.

Pay close attention to these 3 secrets, don’t lose sight of them, and don’t be afraid to write. Enjoy and Keep Reading!

A huge challenge, not to draw your own story

Usually, you usually draw your own comics, you’ve even toyed, sometimes, with the idea of drawing scripts written by someone else, but what would happen, you wonder lately, if someone else drew your comic for you?

No more dealing with sheets, weights, pencils, inks, boards, page layouts, sketches and (You keep a special place of hatred in your heart for this concept) perspective studies.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t draw your next story, and instead, limited yourself only to the role of writer, or rather, screenwriter, read on for some of the answers.

Remember, it’s all about thinking of an idea, developing it so that it becomes real, and then writing down step by step, what to draw in each vignette.

Include the texts, each of the dialogues pronounced by each character, each of the boxes in which the narrator addresses the reader, and then, have the necessary discipline to stop, hold the urge to go on, and not draw the cartoon next. Do you think you are ready for such a challenge?

3 secretos para que otras personas dibujen tus comics por ti


Approach a cartoonist who wants to make a new comic, but not to think about it in its entirety, ask him/her what story he/she wants to tell? Is there one that interests him/her, that has inspired him/her? Which ones has he/she read that he/she liked? Use all the answers

Don’t forget to take notes of the conversation, to think about what your next story will be about, but whatever you do, don’t write the whole script before showing it to the artist! Give him/her a first draft beforehand, a summary of how you think the story will be.


There are few things that take away someone’s desire to draw as much as seeing something already drawn. Every artist wants to leave his mark on the world! What motivation will your illustrator have to make a page again if he sees that somehow you have already done it before?

No matter how clearly you see the images in your mind, you should refrain from presenting to the artist the sketches of how you would do it. It is also an act of pride! Why do you think you yourself would know the best way to represent the story you have written together?

If you don’t believe that you have written it together, go back to the previous point, you should let the other person’s imagination fly, give wings to their creativity, after all, if you were so interested in drawing the story, you would be doing it yourself, right?



As William Shakespeare said, brevity is the soul of wit, or in the improved version of The Simpsons, brevity is wit, the truth is that, in this case, it is not only an aesthetic or stylistic advice.

The longer your story is, the more difficult it is for someone to reach the point of having finished drawing it, but logic itself tells you so! A comic book with more pages requires more work, and it requires more time, and the longer a process takes, the more risk it has of falling prey to the most dangerous of tyrannies.

That of interruptions. A long comic book is one that can remain unfinished! In the same way, you increase the chances that your proposal will be rejected if it is too long. A longer story represents a greater commitment! And there is only one thing worse than a rejection from someone who was interested in your story, but understands that he/she won’t be able to do it.

This is from a person who doesn’t reject your story because he doesn’t realize that he won’t be able to realize it, it’s normal, because it’s something that you learn only after many years of experience (sometimes not even in those cases, because the desire to realize it is genuine, and it may be that it leads to underestimate the challenge that it represents).

You will be then, in a little hell, always waiting for the drawing to be completed, of a cartoon that will never be finished, no, always try to make sure that your imagined cartoons are as brief as possible, and their scripts, adequately brief.

Each vignette you manage to reduce from the draft of your script to its final version will be a step closer to having a comic drawn by someone else, complete!

Not in terms of quality or ingenuity (If you are interested in getting some of it, come and read some other of our many texts), but in what matters to you today, of the many texts to draw, that the artist with whom you were thinking of forming a duo may be receiving, yours will be the best placed, in terms of knowledge of the work of making comics in pairs.

They will stand out among all the others! Just don’t forget, always, to keep practicing your drawing skills, because, to begin with, you might end up changing your mind, and deciding to draw some of your stories by yourself.

Above all, because knowing how to draw, will be the great advantage you will have over other potential scriptwriters, and most importantly, the most valuable thing you can have on your side as a scriptwriter, is a first-hand knowledge of the work involved in the making of a comic book Love yourself with the board! Good writing to you, and good drawing too!


As we could observe during the course of the article, these 3 tips mentioned above, will be of great help, to start writing your comic, and assume, really, the role of writer or scriptwriter, but you have to learn to yield the drawing to another person of your confidence and that, of course, you like his art.

If you take into account the tips listed above, you will be well ahead of other scriptwriters who are just starting out, and your scripts will therefore be better than most.

We hope you liked the article, and we look forward to seeing your stories!

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