At what age can my child begin to study drawing?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about your child’s first steps in drawing. How to start? At what age can my child begin to study drawing? Do you prefer the traditional approach or do you prefer to go online? That is, through the internet. You decide!

Keep reading below, these interesting tips and advice, I assure you that they will help you a lot in the way of your child, to begin to study drawing, to be a professional and passionate artist.

Many parents see in their children an artistic inclination (usually early) and wonder at what age would be the right age for them to start studying drawing?

There can be thousands of answers with different arguments ranging from psychology to pedagogy or even reasons of economic efficiency! In this article, we will analyze everything that comes into play when deciding when to send your child to a drawing workshop.

Foto de niños dibujando con leyenda: ¿A que edad mi hijo puede comenzar a estudiar dibujo?

Consider their interests

There are different types of children, with different levels of interests. Perhaps your child enjoys drawing as much as playing soccer, playing the piano, or drawing on any surface within reach.

If the last mentioned is the case, it may be a good idea to send your child to study drawing as early as possible. At 4 years of age would be fine, although it doesn’t matter if it’s later.

Of utmost importance for him/her to start learning drawing

Don’t get frustrated if your child stops being interested in attending classes. Remember: for children, drawing is a game. They will care little about specific assignments, about technique or composition.

I think it’s a great idea to try some generalized artistic exploration workshop, and where the teacher is sensitive enough to understand that his classes are a hobby for the child. Yes, a formative pastime, but a pastime nonetheless.

Dibujo que enseña a que edad mi hijo comenzar a estudiar dibujo

Don’t pressure him, relax, help him.

Some parents may think that everything they invest time and money in must generate tangible results. Children, in their early stages, do not think with that logic, but seek to enjoy every moment.

You have to consider that every game is always formative for them (from practical to emotional issues). Therefore, never make them feel obligated to draw a picture or improve their technique quickly.

Children’s minds don’t work that way. Don’t worry, they will draw anyway!

A pre-teen, or teenager, with greater capacities of abstraction and sense of duty, can receive a drawing assignment as a gift for grandma. Never from an evaluative perspective.

Madre con su hijo y el proceso de comenzar estudiar dibujo

I wanted to send him to drawing classes when he was little, so he could start studying, but I didn’t have time.

This is a situation that can happen frequently. Not all of us have the same resources for our children to take as many classes as we would like, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.

Your child can take drawing classes at any time of his development, and still be excellently trained, of course, it is possible that a child who studied since he was 4 years old does not draw in the same way as one who began to study at 14 years old.

It is also true that artists who started as teenagers have turned out to be incredible draftsmen. Perhaps they practiced a lot on their own, and thus were able to reach more than acceptable levels. Anyway, being in contact with other artists and having the guidance and help of a professional is always a good idea.

imagen de herramientas para poder comenzar a estudiar dibujo

Can my child teach himself to study drawing?

In all areas of life, there are cases of people who learned their discipline without help. People who seem to have been “born knowing”, it is possible that these cases are attributable to the idea of talent. This is an innate ability, which some few possess.

I have come to know of children who handle a certain concept of three-dimensionality as early as 2 years of age.

It is true that people are born with different levels of talent for drawing, and anyone who receives a good artistic stimulus in any context (drawing materials, parents who encourage it, friends who draw, etc.) can really achieve a very good artistic quality.

Is it effective to study online, so you can start studying drawing?

Although online courses have exploded relatively recently, and some people are not quite used to them, it is possible to learn a lot through the Internet.

Nowadays there are a lot of courses, both free and paid, that can be easily accessed from a computer or a cell phone.

Many children and teenagers search for their own tutorials according to their needs, and generally get satisfactory results, so with this in mind, your child may be interested in learning online.

Remember, there is no starting age or limit to begin, but it is likely to depend on your child’s autonomy and discipline. These courses may be more appropriate for children 10 years and older.

imagen con herramientas digitales para comenzar a estudiar dibujo.

Final words

We have discussed the factors to consider when sending your child to drawing classes. We saw that, you have to take into account their interests, and that, it is very possible, that the human group with which they take classes, will have influence on them.

It is convenient to do it from the age of 4, then, we observed that we should not pressure the child to draw, since drawing is his passion, his source of pleasure, his game. In no way, we should turn this into an obligation, asking for concrete results, but supporting him and letting him express himself.

It is essential that your child begins to take classes as soon as possible, this does not mean that he will have a lower artistic development by attending a workshop from his earliest childhood.

We said that it is possible to learn to draw in a self-taught way, or accompanied by a virtual course, without any doubt and it is an excellent idea.


In summary, we can affirm that there is no age for your child to have to take classes, however, it is essential to have an attentive and encouraging environment that stimulates him/her to enjoy art!

As we mentioned during the post, it is important that you don’t get frustrated, that you let him be free, but if you want to give him a refresher, go back to the beginning of the article.

Always keep in mind the interests of your child because, above all, surely the human environment where he takes those classes, in the long or short term, will have a great influence on him.

It can be very convenient to start online, interactive. In some cases, it can even be easier than traditional drawing, and added to that, they are adapting to the modern world, where the internet offers them any type, variety and kind of resources, to exploit their potential to the maximum and offer it to the world.

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