Artists who inspire Captain Manu Part 2

In this article, we have the privilege to interview Artists that inspire Captain Manu Part 2. Young and fabulous artist of adventure comics.

In this second part he will reveal strategies to perform dynamic movements and one more plus, 3 recommendations that you can not miss Continue reading!

Continuation of the interview with Manuel Loza

We continue with the interview with Captain Manu, fabulous artist of adventure comics, who will reveal the techniques and tools used in his works.

If you are interested in drawing action poses, he also has curious strategies to develop creativity and produce dynamic movements, and you can’t miss his top 3 comic book recommendations. Here we go!

In your illustrations and comics, such as Almer and Red Star, we can notice a great social sensitivity, when did you start to be interested in this aspect in your stories?

artistas que inspiran capitan manu parte 2

I come from a house of militants, my mother is a sociologist. Did you see when, as a kid, you were invited to a house and your mother said, “We don’t talk about politics at this table”?

I come from a house where, since I was a child, it was, in this house, we do not talk about anything else but politics, everything else is nonsense, it is better to discuss about such and such a measure, or the change in the cabinet.

This has always been present, and it is very naturalized in my life, I even think that’s why it ends up appearing a lot in my stories, because it is so present that if it doesn’t appear, it’s like I’m missing something.

What working tools do you use to compose your drawings?

I use a round-tipped brush, number three or number four, and Indian ink, almost always, I went from using only those two things for everything, even to make straight lines.

I think that now in the pandemic, I started to open up a little more, and suddenly I use things like a toothbrush.

capitan manu

A very nice thing happened to me, now, I’m living in Sole Otero’s house, who is living in France, she emptied it and I rent it, she gave me brushes and Pentel.

One of them is broken, and instead of making one point it makes like three points, so I use it to make plots and it drives me crazy.

I started mixing a lot of different tools, but basically, ink and brush, that’s the base.

When did you start developing the watercolor technique?

historieta en acuarela

I think one of the things that made me use watercolors was that I lived with a girlfriend a long time ago when I was a student, who was a classmate of mine.

She painted with oil paints, and we lived in a very, very small apartment, and I always ended up with a headache, or half disgusted by the smell of oil and turpentine.

I think that, out of rejection, I started painting with watercolors, which have no smell at all, do not ruin your clothes, are easy to clean, and are also easy to transport, the opposite of oil.

I started because of that, and then I got hooked, I find them very nice, but I don’t have comics made in watercolor, or maybe very few, generally, I use watercolors, to make commissions that represent a very good income for me.

Also, I do loose drawings with watercolor, just now, I was doing a few months ago a comic in watercolor, because I want to have some, to see how it comes out.


Do you use references to draw action poses, do you have a method to draw them?

No, I don’t use references, I don’t like to look at pictures, because when I copy one too much, it shows and it looks hard, ugly, I imagine the action poses, I did 8 years of boxing, and I think it helped me a lot.

I know how an arm moves, how to make a punch, it helps me to think about that, when drawing. Another thing that helps me a lot to come up with poses is collecting dolls.

Look, here I have a Flash in my hand, as I’m very anxious, I always have them in my hand, and I move them and put them in poses, sometimes, many come from there. I place the doll, like running and I say, wow, that’s a good pose, and it stays in my head.

historieta a color

What is your favorite thing to draw?

I think people beating each other up. I’m sure.

And what do you like to draw the least?

Well, you know it’s kind of crazy, because you don’t like to draw what’s difficult, lately, more and more, I feel like drawing what’s difficult for me.

For example, recently, I did an Inktober all erotic, because it was very difficult for me, then I said, I’m going to spend a whole month, drawing this non-stop, and I liked it, I like the feeling.

It happens to me, that I like drawing people hitting each other so much, and I draw them so much, that they come out just like that, then all of a sudden I say, no, I want to be thinking about the drawing, and thinking about how to make this look fabulous.

historieta de capitan manu

What’s the last comic you read that you can recommend?

The last one that hit me hard, it’s called On a Sunbeam, by Tillie Walden, a very young author, she’s like 24 years old, and she does these books, they’re like 1000 pages long.

She won an Eisner, she’s one of the youngest people to win it. It’s a great novel, it’s Star Wars but a romantic story within it, I mean, it’s Star Wars but at the same time it’s not.

There are people who travel in ships and everything, but suddenly, Tillie, that Star Wars type world is what interests her the least, she could be telling the story with characters who live on the beach, it’s the same, but here, they live on a distant planet.

Finally, what are your favorite comics of all time?

Lupus by Frederik Peeters, at this moment, I would also put Berserk by Kentaro Miura, and I can’t not put Head Lopper, by Andrew MacLean, which I absolutely love.


Here ends the interview, thanks for giving us all your knowledge, Captain Manu!

Manu revealed us the working tools he uses, his great artwork in watercolors, his favorite comics and what he likes to draw the most.

He also recommends the comics he likes the most and his method for drawing action poses.

From TFC, dear reader, we hope you have taken note of the secrets of this wonderful artist.

We invite you to investigate the networks of Capitan Manu (Ig @manucapt) and look for his books, to learn more about him.

We look forward to seeing you in the next interview!

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