The secret of established artists

In this article you will see what is the secret and what makes established artists different, the global reach of the media such as social networks, are gigantic. You can use it to your advantage or go against the tide.

You will also see what are the support lines, fundamental for drawing, and essential in your daily practice.

You’re in the right place, you just need a good plan and lots of practice!

What makes them different from established artists?

Would you believe me if I told you that they have an effective and consistent high performance plan?

The Internet opens doors to the world, and anyone who aspires to compete with very talented people must be well prepared. This means having a good training plan that allows you to progress effectively in the shortest possible time.

Today you cannot waste time in poorly performed practices, because that generates unnecessary effort and frustration.

It is necessary to practice in a programmed and orderly manner if you want to achieve high technical level objectives.

Leccion de dibujo creada por artistas consagrados

If the theory seems easy, why do so many fail in practice?

There are many tutorials on the internet and that makes the student jump from theory to theory pretending to acquire more knowledge, but without stopping in the rehearsals the necessary time. And that is the worst of the mistakes!

The result is that at the end you know what it is all about (mastering the theory), but you don’t know how to do it well (failure in practice).

The brain issues an order and says: Draw this! and we see with frustration that the hand does not fulfill the order, or does not do it as the brain imagined it.
And that is simply a lack of training.

Patience and constancy are two fundamental weapons in the learning of drawing and that is what established artists have.

It is essential to do very well organized exercises and to be constant!

That’s why we are different, because we have an exclusive method to train, different, using special practice sheets.

The staff of artists who are part of Training for Comics know this well.

They created the workbooks. They designed these specially prepared training books based on those used by self-taught cartoonists, those who have learned without the guidance of a teacher. Below is an example:

modelo de dibujo realizado por artistas consagrados

With this way of practicing you will get results in a short time!

Why? Well, because they are based on their own experience of years, in order to avoid making mistakes due to poorly performed practices, performed without order and without demand.

They ordered the exercises, classified them by level of difficulty, programmed the work routines, the number of repetitions, and created an exclusive method based on support lines on the exercises, to motivate the student from the first strokes. Great!

hojas de dibujos con bocetos y practicas con los 20 secretos de los artistas consagrados

What are support lines and what are they for?

The support lines are light blue strokes, which serve as a guide for the student to start drawing on them.

At the beginning, the lines appear showing the original drawing almost in its entirety, and as new squares are added to practice and repeat the exercise, the support lines progressively disappear, until the end of the exercise where there are completely blank squares.

The step by step with the support lines, allows the student to clearly understand how a drawing is constructed from beginning to end, until he/she is able to make drawings from memory, without the need for reference or copying.

artistas consagrados del dibujo utilizando lineas de apoyo

This system makes the student gain confidence little by little when facing a drawing, it is like having a teacher guiding his hand.

When the artist has to make a drawing from scratch, or in this case the future artist when he starts with his practices, he must face what is called horror vacui, which is the fear of the blank page. Your mind goes blank and you do not know where to start drawing!

Don’t despair, that’s what support lines are for.

libro de dibujo curso profesional de manga

For that reason, the support lines that come with all the exercises in TFC’s intensive training program come to solve that issue. They will make the practices more enjoyable, very easy to understand and with fantastic results for the student.

No previous experience is necessary, because the method allows you to achieve security and perfection in the stroke, thus increasing your self-esteem to see that progressively advances and can make drawings that seemed impossible before.

dibujando paso a paso con artistas consagrados


As we saw at the beginning and during the article, it is of utmost importance to have a well-organized plan. Practice, perseverance and the training sheets will give you the necessary tools to get started.

The objective of the training sheets made by these renowned artists is to provide elements of study organized in such a way that the constant and coordinated practice using the method of TRIAL, ERROR AND CORRECTION will increase the technical capacity in a progressive and accelerated way. This will allow you to grow in a very fast way and thus notice a huge difference with only one year of practice.

If you want short-term results, start practicing now!

P.S. In case you want faster results, we will be happy to help you with your goals, click here and join premium together with thousands of illustrators.

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