The secret to drawing better while having fun

In the following article, we’ll talk about the secret to draw better while having fun. Also, about the way you work, surely, if you work in a happy or fun way, you will get better ideas, enter in this way, in this game.

This article intends to make you understand that drawing can be a game as well as a work, since it is an entertainment that gives us the possibility to create infinite things, but we will not entertain you any longer. Enjoy and continue reading!

Drawing as entertainment, game and work

Will having fun make me draw better? How so? This may be a question that arises from the title, here I assure you that, if you work happily or playing, you can have better and more personal results, I invite you to delve into this idea, and to read this article with joy.

Drawing can be as much a game, as a work, it is an entertainment, that gives us infinite creative possibilities, with a paper and a pencil (Or many more tools) We can create our own worlds, incredible adventures, magical characters, and more.

Whatever you wish, you can also entertain yourself by trying to be faithful by copying some object, combining colors, making geometric shapes, etc. Everyone can find their fun in this wide world, in their own way. Drawing as a game usually accompanies people’s childhood, but then, little by little, they stop this practice.

Few people continue to draw when they grow up, but there are several situations in which those who are not dedicated to drawing, continue to practice, as we said, in general, every child gets used to drawing as a game (for hours). When they grow up, many adults draw doodles (or concrete forms) on paper while talking on the phone, and older people color mandalas.

We can note, that drawing is an entertainment, but at the same time, it can be a tool to relax, to relax, as well as a meditation technique.

Make sure that work does not turn off your creative side in drawing.

el secreto para dibujar mejor divirtiendose

When do we stop drawing as a game? In general, this happens when we enter adolescence, at that time of our lives, we stop playing many games that we played more as children, this would be the main reason.

In this process from childhood to adolescence, we begin to have more external pressures, and, therefore, we begin to judge our drawing, if you ask a group of children who draw, all or most of them will answer yes, but, if you ask the same to a group of teenagers, it will be a minority who will answer yes.

This happens because they have more social pressures for this activity, or new interests begin to appear.

Drawing is not only a game, it can also be a job. How can I make sure that work doesn’t turn off the creative side? How can I do everything at the same time? How can I manage both issues in a balanced way?

The work, can not always be entertaining or fun, but also, we have the educated head to understand that, in some, you can apply small graphic resources that help you to entertain yourself while you draw, analyze your drawings, what forms you repeat, what structures you repeat, what types of lines you usually do.

All this that you usually do frequently, surely, are resources that come out instinctively, and that your body enjoys doing them, then you can see how to apply these resources in your drawing, and enjoy, while you draw these forms in your orders.

It is known, that drawing is a creative discipline, creativity plays a fundamental role, since we always face different situations, where we must make decisions, looking for solutions is a creative process, where we challenge our imagination and intelligence, you have to choose the best option, to represent a scene, you have to decide where to place the characters, how to show them, etc.

In many assignments, they will tell you what they want and you will have to represent it, transform this process into a creative work, make several tests, enjoy the whole work process and don’t want to get rid of it quickly. I assure you that, if you enjoy it, you will have great results.

Surely, you have always enjoyed drawing, and you have exercised it as a game since childhood, maybe now, you want to focus professionally on this, for this, besides studying, you have to look for moments where you can play while you draw, like when you were a child, where drawing is an entertainment, a recreation, where you can be yourself.

There are moments where we draw stressed, nervous, tense, maybe we have to finish a job or something similar, but at some point we will smile, that’s where a spark inside you was ignited, look for that, look for smiling while you draw, this smile can be for enjoying the process, solve something, or perhaps, for being close to finish a job.

If you are about to finish it, it is time to play, if you draw for entertainment, it is where you play freely to be yourself.

comienza a dibujar

Drawing as a game

In what other spaces can I apply drawing as a game? Your own projects, have to be the actual space, where you play as when you were a child, where you sit with yourself and the sheet, trying to discover, what you can make appear on that paper.

The draftsman, is usually a self-absorbed and shy person, because drawing, is to be self-absorbed, to be, and to chat with oneself, it is the moment where we are us, if you want to dedicate yourself to drawing, you have to have these moments, and if you have these breaks, you will arrive with renewed energy to the spaces where you can’t play.

Your personal projects have to be where you show how you are, where you are yourself, the drawing is a space of our personality, and sometimes, it is where we are more transparent.

You walk in a particular way, you think in a particular way, you speak in a certain way, you have your own musical tastes, etc. In all this that makes you be yourself, there is also the drawing, you love yourself.


As we mentioned during the article, we can say, that this writing, is an ode to joy, and with an exaggerated positivity, if you draw with a smile on your mouth, you will draw much better, and your brain, will be working at full speed, because there is no better fuel than serotonin.

So go running to the board and get to work, play, have fun, and dialogue with the sheet. We hope you liked the article. See you next time!

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