The great benefits of drawing at any age

In this article we show you and reveal the great benefits of drawing, such as keeping the creative side of the mind awake, besides being a great help to concentrate.

Drawing is proven to reduce stress levels. It stimulates memory and is totally relaxing, and best of all, you can learn to draw at any age!

We show you the benefits of drawing at any age, even if you have no idea.

dibujo de dinosaurio blanco y negro que puedes dibujar a cualquier edad

Drawing is one of the most beneficial practices to achieve mental stability and distraction when we are going through stressful moments.

Drawing helps to keep the mind awake, but focused on more creative aspects and not on the problems that do not let us be well, helping us to open our perspective and learn.

ilustración a color y los beneficios de dibujar

Drawing helps to concentrate

Besides, and apart from personal satisfaction, drawing (as well as painting and sculpting, for example) stimulates our brain and helps us to improve our memory and our capacity for introspection, by combining our cognitive and motor processes.

Other studies talk about how art can protect against the decline of certain brain functions with age.

And for anyone who thinks they have no hand at drawing or are just bad at it: “There’s no magic when we develop a skill…. Hard work, though,” writes Richard Banks in Drawing: The Art-Science Connection.

dibujo blanco y negro tipo comic

What’s more, Banks cites studies that claim that being better at an activity “is not a consequence of possessing innate gifts.” In other words, everything (or almost everything) can be learned, although (obviously) this does not mean that we necessarily become geniuses.

Can we start drawing at any age?

Most of us stopped drawing when we were children, but we can always take it up again. There are people who find pleasure in drawing itself, because they like it and are good at it too, others may not be as skilled, but it helps them to express what they would otherwise not express.

Art can even be used as a therapy tool, as it can help “to express emotions that are encysted” and to understand our “own ghosts and fears”.

Occasionally, everyone tends to doodle, sketch or capture an idea,” Banks writes; “drawing is a behavior that is part of the human species.

dibujo a color de un guerrero

It is true that rhythmic, regular, smooth movements with an impact on the paper can make a person so focused on the task at hand that they can tune out other intrusive or anxiogenic thoughts with the right training.”

But… I’m not very creative! Will I be able to draw?

“Drawing is an acquired skill that can be very useful in creative work without necessarily being a creative expression. You can draw very well without being creative and, of course, be creative without even knowing how to pick up a pencil.

pagina de historieta a color

The great benefits of drawing

  • It improves your creative capacity
  • Drawing improves your creative capacity because the very process of drawing something makes your brain to work and continuously (and more and more frequently) think of new things to create.
  • In addition, as you draw you will be setting yourself new challenges without realizing it, and overcoming them will be very beneficial for your self-esteem and learning.
  • Improve your way of communicating
  • Drawing is a form of communication, as well as writing or speaking. The more you draw and do artistic activities, the more you will become skilled and the more comfortable it will be for you.
  • You will learn to communicate in a different way and to show your feelings, likes and emotions through drawing.
los beneficios de dibujar a color
  • It reduces stress levels.
  • Drawing reduces stress levels because it transports your thoughts to another dimension and isolates you from the issues that make you not have a relaxed mind.
  • In addition, drawing is a process that takes time, so you get to have your mind isolated longer.
  • It activates our neuronal connection.
  • Drawing “Increases manual dexterity and strengthens the connection between your motor activities and your visual system”.
dibujo de mujer a color

Rediscover and enjoy the language of drawing is a fascinating adventure at any age, is to go in search of those lost lines ….

For the lines are there waiting for us, inside us.


As we have explained at the beginning and during the article, wherever you look at it, drawing is beneficial to health. It strengthens the mind, it favors concentration, it is a form of expression and you can do it at any age.

Just by reading and observing the great benefits you will want to start drawing, relax, it’s fabulous.

Do you want to start?

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