Which is better for drawing? Analog or digital

In this article we will explain precisely what is better for drawing? Analog or digital.

The world and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, therefore, we must always be attentive to innovate, to not fall by the wayside. While we can say that the analog is what is known, the digital is becoming increasingly popular, even very comfortable, but if you want to know more, read on!

Analog or digital? You decide! Tip: INNOVATE.

Art advances hand in hand with humanity. Today we are immersed in an interactive and virtual culture, so every visual creator must adapt to these new changes.

Every innovation builds on previous discoveries, and sometimes the distant past lays the foundation for the most modern technological advances.

The pixel is clearly an evolution of Byzantine Mosaiquism, where we include impressionism and pointillism.

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The new rift, analog vs. digital.

The digital medium emerges as a complete tool. It covers a wide range of works, and, brings us several solutions and simplifications, to complex processes analogically.

Nowadays, it is an unavoidable stage in the professional work of any cartoonist or comic artist. From the scanning and correction of analog work, to the coloring of an ink work, or also, the total digital realization of a drawing, etc.

At any stage, the computer is involved. As intelligent authors, we have to take advantage of all the resources in favor of our work, combining analog and digital, no doubt, and as it suits us best.

The old and faithful analog work

We have known this work, as mankind, for thousands of years. We already know that it gives us a wide range of possibilities and options to choose from, the support we will use, the tools, the technique, etc.

Each one, with its particularity in the invoice, and its contribution to our work.

In the learning stage, it is ideal to work in an analogical way, to know how the elements work, how to use them, what the textures of the papers contribute, etc.

The elements will make us choose our favorite tools and techniques, combine them, and thus, see the wide range of ranges of each one.

This is an unavoidable stage for every artist, each technique will provide us with a different way of working, colored pencils are not used in the same way as watercolor or ink, for example.

Analogical tools have evolved throughout history, pigments are not the same today as they were hundreds of years ago, that is why, within this evolution, digital tools have emerged.

trabajo digital vs analogico

The young and fresh Digital work

The optical pencil does not stain the hands, and we draw on a plastic plate, it may seem far from the pictorial, but that is a first approach, with some prejudices.

In digital work, we have many different programs with which we can work the image in different ways.

Programs: Our great friends, which facilitate the tasks to be performed.

With these, we can color with different techniques, edit colors, readjust sizes, make copies, add textures, and infinite options more. In this way, it invites us to work and experiment.

In general, the way of working the image is not different from analog work. We can work in a pictorial way, using brushstrokes and various brushes.

In image editing programs, we can even design brushes to our liking (that’s why it is interesting to know the analog tools before).

We can also separate in layers, crop the image, edit the color in a sectorized way, digitize handmade works, correct the digitized image, and much more.

In vector programs, we can draw in lines, editing their properties freely, we can work with shapes, edit them and move them freely.

We can make the same drawing in small and large dimensions, and much more!

Undoubtedly, they provide us with a wide range of tools, with which we can work all stages of a project, we have to know how to use them, to take full advantage of their potential.

The computer will facilitate many stages that were very cumbersome before.

VERY IMPORTANT: It does not work alone, it will always be you who will shape your work.

¿Qué es mejor para dibujar? Analógico o digital


We can say then, that the digital drawing is more comfortable than the analogical one, for several reasons that surely, you have already read during the article.

Do you go with the technological and digital evolution, or do you continue with the old and faithful analog work?

It is a doubt that you probably have, but after reading this post, you will have a better overall picture, so you will make the right decision!

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