Comics Backstage – The Victory


Immerse yourself in the world of comic creation with “Comics Backstage: The Winner”. Through the incredible journey of Argentine cartoonist, Diego Aballay, you will learn the secrets behind every panel and every stroke in the narrative of a comic book. Add magic to your comics by understanding the concepts and techniques behind the comic book…

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Immerse yourself in the world of comic creation with “Comics Backstage: The Winner”. Through the incredible journey of Argentine cartoonist, Diego Aballay, you will learn the secrets behind every panel and every stroke in the narrative of a comic book. Add magic to your comics by understanding the concepts and techniques behind the comic book…

Comics Backstage – The Victory

“Comics Backstage: El Vencedor” is a guide that takes you through the exciting journey of comic book creation. From the hand of renowned Argentine cartoonist, Diego Aballay, you will discover what is behind every panel and every stroke that goes into the narrative of a comic book.

This product will appeal to both beginners and experienced illustrators, guiding them from the basics to the most advanced details in the creation of a comic book. With detailed tips and practical examples, you will have the opportunity to learn both specific drawing techniques and the design and development of unforgettable characters.

In addition, you’ll gain a broad overview of how to tell compelling stories and how to work collaboratively with screenwriters.What will you learn?* Understand how drawing and visual storytelling combine in the creation of comics * Learn about creating and developing compelling characters.
* You will develop skills for working in a variety of angles and perspectives. You will become familiar with drawing, inking and coloring techniques and materials in comics. You will discover how to convey emotions and actions effectively through your drawings. You will acquire valuable tips for starting and maintaining a career in the comics industry.Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to the backstage of comics: Meeting Diego Aballay.
  2. Discovering the world of comics: A perspective from Argentina to the USA.
  3. The masters along the way: How Raúl Fortín influenced Diego’s artistic development.
  4. The art of storytelling in images: Exploring visual narrative in comics.
  5. The script of “El vencedor”: How to create a story from scratch.
  6. The importance of characters: How to design compelling and memorable characters.
  7. Exploring drawing techniques: The art of bringing stories to life through pencil.
  8. The choice of materials: How different materials affect the final result of the comic.
  9. The secrets of ink: How inking can enhance or completely change an image.
  10. The role of colors: How to use colors to set the tone of a scene.
  11. The magic of shading: How to give depth and realism to comic book illustrations.
  12. Diversity in comics: How to depict a variety of characters and environments.
  13. The challenge of angles and perspectives: How to add dynamism to your stories.
  14. Creating emotions through drawing: How to convey feelings and emotions in comic book illustrations.
  15. Visual storytelling in action: How to depict action and movement in comics.
  16. From inspiration to the page: How to turn ideas into images.
  17. Working with scriptwriters: The collaboration between the scriptwriter and the illustrator.
  18. The importance of feedback: How to receive and apply constructive criticism.
  19. Tips for aspiring comic book artists: How to get started and stay in the industry.
  20. The future of comics: Reflections on the evolution and trends in the world of comics.

With “Comics Backstage: The Winner,” you’ll enter the exciting world of comic book creation. This product teaches you not only how to draw and design characters, but also how to tell effective stories through visual storytelling.

You will discover valuable industry secrets and gain skills and knowledge that you can apply in your career as a comic book artist. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and take the first step to take your drawing and storytelling skills to a new level. Get this product and embark on your journey in the comic book industry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your doubts out of your mind!

  • What is TFC?

    Training For Comics is an online platform dedicated exclusively to learning how to draw.

  • Why is TFC more effective than other methods?

    Training For Comics is more effective than other methods because it is based on an intelligent work plan and constant practice.

    In general one finds on the internet a lot of theory but not a system focused on practice. TFC is like a gym for the artist. Theory is important, but it is only the beginning, our strength is that besides giving you the best theory, we will make you practice from different angles with techniques created and used by great professional artists. The result is that you will see your drawing skills increase in a very short time.

  • What materials do I receive with my membership?

    A lot! Too much, because we want you to practice because we all know it’s the only way to success as an illustrator.

    That’s why you will receive great initial content when you sign up, but more importantly, you will receive new material to practice every week. And on top of that, every month you will receive New Drawing Lessons that include two books, one for theory and one Workbook for practice. So if you add it all up you are getting 6 new books every month!

    All the Practice Workbooks are printable, print in one click and you’re training!

    Yes, we told you you were going to practice! 🤯😀

  • Do I need previous knowledge?

    No, it doesn’t matter your level, be it basic, intermediate or advanced. There is content for all levels.

    • If you start from scratch, you have everything to become a great artist.
    • If you are an intermediate level, you can accelerate your learning and perfect yourself to get that professional touch you crave, quickly and predictably.
    • If you are advanced, what better than to see content created by other masters, polish your techniques, exchange experiences with other experts with more than 30 or 50 years of experience in illustration.

    TFC is the perfect ecosystem for illustration lovers. Without a doubt.

  • Who are the artists who teach at TFC?

    All of us who were drawing lovers have seen great artists in Comics magazines. And we dreamed that they would teach us directly. Well, that’s what we did 😉.

    At TFC you will learn only with the best. We gathered the greats of the greats to create content on the platform and teach their secrets. Artists like Ariel Olivetti (Known for his work in Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse), Horacio Lalia nicknamed “Master of Chiaroscuro” with more than 50 years of trajectory. And many more.

    It’s the only place where you can be side by side with the best while they teach you their best tips and secrets. Whether you have a basic, intermediate or advanced level. You will always learn something new at TFC.

  • How do I cancel?

    Thanks to the low price and large amount of content no one wants to leave TFC. 😀 But if that’s your case, you can cancel your account at any time in just two clicks from your account menu. Start when you want, cancel when you want. No strings attached.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay with any Credit or Debit Card. You can also pay with Paypal.

  • What devices can I use to access TFC?

    You can access with any PC, mobile or tablet. TFC is a web app that adapts to your preferred device.

  • At what age should I start?

    Everyone can learn to draw. We generally recommend from the age of 8 and up.

    But… I’m over 50 and I feel like learning from scratch, can I do it?

    Of course you can, the only barriers are mental ones. Start today, practice daily and you’ll see excellent results before you know it!

  • Can I magically learn to draw?

    Yes, this question is real. 😀

    No! You must practice. We will give you all the guides, tools, shortcuts, secrets and support, so that you learn in the fastest and safest way. Without wasting time. But nothing will replace the practice and perseverance you have to learn.

    If you don’t practice, you won’t learn. But, if you start today and practice, you will really learn to draw sooner than expected. And if you continue like this, you will undoubtedly be able to get the professional quality of the artists that teach on the platform. And who knows, you may be teaching here soon 😉.

    We wish you all the best!


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