Mastery in the drawing of textures on paper


Discover the magical art of bringing your illustrations to life through textured drawing with “Mastering Texture Drawing on Paper”. This high quality product will teach you how to capture the essence of the textures of different materials, from stone to fabric. Surprise yourself and others with the amount of realism and beauty you can achieve…

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Discover the magical art of bringing your illustrations to life through textured drawing with “Mastering Texture Drawing on Paper”. This high quality product will teach you how to capture the essence of the textures of different materials, from stone to fabric. Surprise yourself and others with the amount of realism and beauty you can achieve…

Mastery in the drawing of textures on paper

“Mastering Texture Drawing on Paper” is your gateway to a world of realistic and mind-blowing drawings. This product, created for artists of all levels, starts you on the path to mastering the art of texture drawing.

From understanding the basics of light and shadow, to detailed knowledge of how to capture the essence of different materials such as wood, metal, fabric and stone, you’ll learn everything you need to make your illustrations come to life. Through different techniques and methods, you’ll be able to transform your flat drawings into three-dimensional works of art. You will benefit from a hands-on approach that will allow you to practice and improve your drawing skills while exploring the theory and technique behind the art of texture.What will you learn?

  • You will learn how to realistically capture the textures of different materials such as stone, metal, wood and fabric in your illustrations.
  • You will understand how to use light and shadow to enhance the textures of drawn objects.
  • You will discover how the shape of objects influences the perception of textures.
  • Learn how to use different inking tools to introduce textural details in your illustrations.
  • You will gain confidence and skills to create convincing textures in your own drawings.


  1. Introduction to mastering texture drawing on paper: the art of bringing realism to life.
  2. The key role of materials in creating convincing worlds: how to capture the essence of stone, metal, wood and fabric.
  3. Lessons from a fine art school teacher: the importance of recognizing the material in your drawings.
  4. Highlighting texture in your illustrations: how to use light to highlight the surface of your drawn objects.
  5. Understanding the basic theory of light and shadow: learn how light hits an object and transforms its textures.
  6. The rules of grazing light: how to use a grazing light to enhance the textures marked on your illustrations.
  7. Analysis of the five basic geometric bodies: discover how the shape of objects influences the perception of texture.
  8. The power of color in material identification: how varying color can transform an object from steel to gold.
  9. Showing the consistency of matter: techniques for representing soft and hard materials.
  10. Exploring inking tools: Discover how soft pencils, grease pencils, brushes and pens can introduce textural details into your illustrations.
  11. Understanding the anatomy of texture: Learn how convexities, concavities, crevices and gradients can alter the texture of your drawing.
  12. The texture of style: How your personal drawing style influences the perceived texture of the material.
  13. Studying the masters: Drawing inspiration from the work of famous artists to improve your own ability to render textures and materials.
  14. Resisting the temptation of recipes: How to move beyond basic formulas to create unique and compelling textures and materials.
  15. Method over recipe: Understanding the true path to mastering the art of drawing.
  16. Researching and analyzing textures: The first step to accurately reproducing them in your drawings.
  17. The evolution of practice: How to master and perfect a texture through repetition.
  18. The beauty of imperfection: How to add realism to your textures by breaking up the neatness.
  19. Dissecting the rock: Observing and capturing the peculiarities that form the essence of the stone in your drawings.
  20. From light to shadow: Learn to explore the texture of metal in its different stages and conditions.
  21. Embracing wood: How to recognize and transmit the singularities of wood, both in its natural and worked state.
  22. The soft secret of skin: Delving into the diversity of skin textures and how to portray them in your illustrations.
  23. The art of transmitting transparency: The complexity of drawing glass and how to achieve it.
  24. The flexible challenge: Understanding and drawing fabric and its different textural variations.
  25. The ephemeral world of mist and vapor: Tips and tricks to illustrate these elusive elements.
  26. The diverse canvas of nature: Observing and learning natural textures to enrich your drawing skills.
  27. The visual language of genres: How by understanding the textures of each genre, you can improve your narrative and visual skills.
  28. The end of the journey: Final considerations and reminder about the importance of constant practice and experimentation in the art of drawing.

Conclusion:“Mastering Texture Drawing on Paper” is more than just a learning product: it is an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity and artistry. With the skills you acquire, you will be able to capture the essence of textures in a variety of materials, adding depth, realism and beauty to your illustrations. Don’t wait any longer: take the first step on your journey to becoming a master of texture drawing. Get “Mastering Texture Drawing on Paper” and transform your illustrations today!

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  • What is TFC?

    Training For Comics is an online platform dedicated exclusively to learning how to draw.

  • Why is TFC more effective than other methods?

    Training For Comics is more effective than other methods because it is based on an intelligent work plan and constant practice.

    In general one finds on the internet a lot of theory but not a system focused on practice. TFC is like a gym for the artist. Theory is important, but it is only the beginning, our strength is that besides giving you the best theory, we will make you practice from different angles with techniques created and used by great professional artists. The result is that you will see your drawing skills increase in a very short time.

  • What materials do I receive with my membership?

    A lot! Too much, because we want you to practice because we all know it’s the only way to success as an illustrator.

    That’s why you will receive great initial content when you sign up, but more importantly, you will receive new material to practice every week. And on top of that, every month you will receive New Drawing Lessons that include two books, one for theory and one Workbook for practice. So if you add it all up you are getting 6 new books every month!

    All the Practice Workbooks are printable, print in one click and you’re training!

    Yes, we told you you were going to practice! 🤯😀

  • Do I need previous knowledge?

    No, it doesn’t matter your level, be it basic, intermediate or advanced. There is content for all levels.

    • If you start from scratch, you have everything to become a great artist.
    • If you are an intermediate level, you can accelerate your learning and perfect yourself to get that professional touch you crave, quickly and predictably.
    • If you are advanced, what better than to see content created by other masters, polish your techniques, exchange experiences with other experts with more than 30 or 50 years of experience in illustration.

    TFC is the perfect ecosystem for illustration lovers. Without a doubt.

  • Who are the artists who teach at TFC?

    All of us who were drawing lovers have seen great artists in Comics magazines. And we dreamed that they would teach us directly. Well, that’s what we did 😉.

    At TFC you will learn only with the best. We gathered the greats of the greats to create content on the platform and teach their secrets. Artists like Ariel Olivetti (Known for his work in Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse), Horacio Lalia nicknamed “Master of Chiaroscuro” with more than 50 years of trajectory. And many more.

    It’s the only place where you can be side by side with the best while they teach you their best tips and secrets. Whether you have a basic, intermediate or advanced level. You will always learn something new at TFC.

  • How do I cancel?

    Thanks to the low price and large amount of content no one wants to leave TFC. 😀 But if that’s your case, you can cancel your account at any time in just two clicks from your account menu. Start when you want, cancel when you want. No strings attached.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay with any Credit or Debit Card. You can also pay with Paypal.

  • What devices can I use to access TFC?

    You can access with any PC, mobile or tablet. TFC is a web app that adapts to your preferred device.

  • At what age should I start?

    Everyone can learn to draw. We generally recommend from the age of 8 and up.

    But… I’m over 50 and I feel like learning from scratch, can I do it?

    Of course you can, the only barriers are mental ones. Start today, practice daily and you’ll see excellent results before you know it!

  • Can I magically learn to draw?

    Yes, this question is real. 😀

    No! You must practice. We will give you all the guides, tools, shortcuts, secrets and support, so that you learn in the fastest and safest way. Without wasting time. But nothing will replace the practice and perseverance you have to learn.

    If you don’t practice, you won’t learn. But, if you start today and practice, you will really learn to draw sooner than expected. And if you continue like this, you will undoubtedly be able to get the professional quality of the artists that teach on the platform. And who knows, you may be teaching here soon 😉.

    We wish you all the best!


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