Monsters and Frightening Beings


Dive into the terrifying world of art with “How to draw easy…. Monsters and scary creatures”! Learn how to shape the creepiest and most terrifying creatures, exploring from the essentials to the most intricate details – turn your nightmares into works of art!

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Dive into the terrifying world of art with “How to draw easy…. Monsters and scary creatures”! Learn how to shape the creepiest and most terrifying creatures, exploring from the essentials to the most intricate details – turn your nightmares into works of art!

Monsters and Frightening Beings

This masterful guide is an open door to the chilling universe of drawing monsters and scary creatures. Whatever your level of experience, this content is designed to teach you how to bring terrifying creatures to life with precision and daring, from the most basic principles to the most sophisticated details. You’ll discover how to employ different techniques and perspectives, how to create monsters from different bases, and how to infuse them with your own style. Prepared in a clear and entertaining way, this guide provides you with everything you need to take your art to the next level.What will you learn?

  • Understand the initial challenge in approaching monster drawing.
  • You will identify common avoidable mistakes when drawing these creatures.
  • Learn the relevance of graphic documentation to effective drawing.
  • Explore the use of symbolism and visual representation in conceptualizing monsters.
  • Your drawings will gain a sense of depth and realism.
  • The details of your monsters will stand out with precision and style.


  1. The challenge of the blank page: Discover the initial challenge you have when starting out in the art of drawing monsters.
  2. The common misunderstandings: Why simply drawing them looking scary is not enough.
  3. The importance of graphic documentation: How good graphic documentation can be a solid foundation for your drawings.
  4. Symbology and visual representation: How to use symbology effectively in your monster conceptualizations.
  5. The power of creativity and how to get started: Understanding how brainstorming can help you in your first steps.
  6. Inspiration in the unknown: How to use real-life elements, such as insects, to inspire your art.
  7. Found the base of your monster: Start by changing elements of reality to find the basic shape of your monster.
  8. Enrich your monster with details: Add details to increase the visual complexity of your monster.
  9. Interconnect with other images: how to extend your inspiration across multiple images.
  10. Phase 3: Recognition and application: identify distinctive characteristics of your reference images and apply them to your art.
  11. The power of modifying and exaggerating: Learn to alter parts of your monster to add personality and character.
  12. Play with your monster’s proportions: Experiment with proportions to create a terrifying form.
  13. Perfecting your monster’s look: See how you can patiently detail and deepen your monster’s appearance.
  14. “Filling in the gaps”: Discover how to add shading and halftones to give depth and three-dimensionality to your monster.
  15. Visual Storytelling: The crucial role of attitude and expression in the construction of your monster.
  16. Phase 6: The Final Piece: See how you can finish your drawing and perfect it to completion.
  17. The artist’s personal interpretation: Learn how to interpret your own photos and findings to create your art.
  18. The surprising diversity in results: How different artists can create very different results from the same reference images.
  19. The not-so-accurate science of reference: Why having reference photos does not guarantee a perfect end result.
  20. The psychology of your monster: How to give your monster a vivid and creepy personality.
  21. The power of suggestion: Learn how to horrify your readers without showing too much.
  22. Understand the effect of blanks: How it can be effective to leave some blanks for the reader.
  23. Building terror through gestures: How to make your character inspire fear through subtle gestures.

“How to draw easy… Monsters and scary creatures” will not only teach you how to draw your own terrifying creatures, it will also open you to a universe of possibilities to infuse life and character into your monsters. Each technique you will learn will allow you to highlight every detail of your creatures with precision and style, giving them a sense of background and terror. Don’t wait any longer, discover how to take your art to the next level. Get this amazing pack and let your monsters come to life!

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    Yes, this question is real. πŸ˜€

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